EPA Cuts Explained

EPA Cuts Explained

I wanted to cover this earlier, but a lot of the articles I found did not explain what exactly was being affected by Trump’s budget cut proposals. But, CNN has more details as to how much it would hinder the EPA by actually telling us what programs are at risk. You can go to the article by clicking here. While this is not specifically about endangered species, the preservation of the environment is one of the keys to keeping them alive.

In general, this is what will happen if these proposals go through:

“The source spelled out details of an Office of Management and Budget proposal that would cut the EPA’s budget by 24% and reduce its staffing by 20%. Some of the EPA’s most longstanding and best-known programs are facing potential elimination — including initiatives aimed at improving water and air quality as well as a number of regulations tasked with reducing the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions” (CNN).

I took this picture. 🙂

They list some specific programs that’ll be cut if successful (short descriptions from CNN):

  • Environmental Justice Program – It’s in place to aid local communities deal with environment concerns…
  • Global Change Research – Reporting on the humans’ impact on Earth
  • Clean Power Plan – The goal to reduce carbon emissions in each state, started by former President Barack Obama
  • Multiple grants and graduate fellowships, such as Energy Star and Science To Achieve Results (STAR)
  • Diesel Emissions Act – Aiming to protect the environment along the southern border

While, I admittedly don’t know a lot about all of this and everything the EPA does, a 24% cut to their budget seems high for something as important as tracking and taking care of our planet. The reduction in staff is especially unfortunate, considering how unemployment is still an issue for the United States; it seems contradictory to one of Trump’s promises to create more jobs.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading! If you’d like to read similar articles, be sure to check out my Business Versus Nature and Update On The Endangered Species Act blog posts. Have a nice day!

*The featured image was found on Google from here.


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